Monday, March 12, 2007

Winston Walk Cycle

Just felt like doing a walk cycle. I sometimes get bored using the Hogan rig for everything, hence the use of my old rig.

Also, I just noticed that his right arm is hitting the back pose a bit hard. Eh, gotta fix that.... :<


Keith Lango said...

cool. he feels a little wobbly, though, like you're letting those splines override a bit on the keys. naughty! heh. oh, and his lower torso near the stomach area seems a bit locked odnw and stiff. It's not perfectly locked, but it'd be neat to see some compression in there to help sell the weight a little bit. but nice overall. well, yeah, that right arm pop on the back swing thing, too. IK arms for walk cycles in maddeining, isn't it?


Peter Hon said...

Ik arms ARE maddening. Too bad I built him without any IK/FK switching.

Agh, I now remember why I shouldn't be using this guy. I forgot to put a waist joint, so he doesn't bend at the waist... ah, the joys of first doing things. You learn alot from mistakes... :)